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Rosetta Stone Installation Error 9123, 9114

omg no stop it die die die

I received Rosetta Stone (version 4) a couple of days ago and was pretty excited about it until I actually tried installing it and kept running into inexplicable errors that apparently no one else On The Internet had/could explain. Basically I was able to install the Application CD alright, but immediately met upon this ambiguous 9123 error when trying to install a language.  (This is on Windows Vista, by the way.)

I resigned myself to customer support chat for a couple of hours, and after following instructions, and then fiddling around with their instructions, I finally arrived at a working solution.

  1. Install the Application CD.
  2. Put in the language level CD that you want to install.
  3. Copy all the files in the language level CD to an empty flash drive.
  4. Remove the language level CD from the CD drive, but leave the flash drive in.
  5. At this point I think you could proceed to install a language by clicking Add a Language in Rosetta Stone TOTALe.  TOTALe should be able to automatically find the language files in your flash drive.
  6. For me, just starting to install like this didn’t work, so I had to go to Start and type in msconfig which will bring up System Configuration.
  7. Click Selective startup.
  8. In the Services tab, check Hide all Microsoft services.
  9. Click the button which says Disable all.  All the services should now be unchecked.
  10. Go back through the list of services and find the one called RosettaStoneDaemon and make sure that it is checked.  If it isn’t, you’ll get fatal errors when trying to start up TOTALe again.
  11. Click Apply and restart your computer.
  12. Once your computer has loaded in again, start up TOTALe and try Add a Language with the language files on your connected flash drive.
  13. Rinse and repeat with any other levels that you have.

And it works!  Actually, I haven’t yet finished activating it so I’m not sure if it works completely, but for now at least, it’s installed.


Виктор Деревянко
I can't Find RosettaStoneDaemon procces…Can you help me??!
Thanks so much bud this works great! I already had the RosettaStoneDaemon checked so basically all I had to do was transfer all the language files over to a USB and install them that way. Thanks a bunch!
For the language files for the Polish version it is only around the 500mb mark
nadine a.
Hey Emily,

Sorry for kind of a late response. What I did and listed above worked for me. I had a 4GB flashdrive, but I don't remember how much space the program actually took up on it. I'm not a professional and it's been a while since I did this, but if you have any other questions, let me know. :)
did this work? i am having the same problem and i am going nuts with tech support. how large a flash drive i do not have one currently