nadine aurora tabing

UX Designer & Writer based in the Pacific Northwest

Dream Builder: Amusement Park is a casual simulation PC game where players create an amusement park.

As the game's designer, I led a team of one programmer and four artists. I also programmed UI and UI animations, and did project management, including overseeing general scheduling and in-house playtests.

A screenshot of Dream Builder: Amusement Park

A screenshot of Dream Builder: Amusement Park

Sketches for Dream Builder: Amusement Park

Sketches for UI in Dream Builder: Amusement Park

While working at Fugazo, I also designed and concepted an unreleased casual hidden object game with the working title “Elements.”

A paper prototype to test a minigame in Elements Notes for various explorable scenes in Elements

For elements: a paper prototype, navigation sketches for Elements

Artist render of a scene in Elements

Artist render of the a scene in Elements

Player Feedback on Dream Builder

“This has been a complete joy to play. I own many amusement park building games and usually after awhile I have to take a break but I couldn't stop playing this one. It has SO many different things to it it's hard to understand how someone can stop or dislike it.”

“I played this game on a Beta test a month ago, and have been anxiously awaiting the finished product to appear on Big Fish. I was so happy to see it there today. I did the trial hour before buying just to make sure that I liked all the changes that had been made. I was not disappointed. It is a fantastic [time management] Game.”