nadine aurora tabing does ux design & research.

she also loves illustration & her dog.
here's her portfolio.

An image of work at LiveStories, a chart editor.


design/research for product website & data visualization tools

An image of work at Napster, two mobile screenshots showing playlists and an upsell.

Napster X

ux design/research for a social music streaming app with microtransactions

An image of work at Reveal Chat, a desktop and a mobile screenshot.

Reveal Chat

ux development & design of an anonymous chat app which reached 2 million users in under 9 months

An image of work at Fugazo, an amusement park simulation game.

Dream Builder, Elements

game/ux design & project management of 2 casual PC games

An image of the PhotoCity project, showing the map at the heart of the game.


development/ux design/research for a project to reconstruct the world in 3D

Desktop and mobile screenshots of a website for the Evergreen Shiba Inu Club.

Other Projects

UI design for the local shiba inu club; and, more projects to come

Filipino dessert stickers (halo-halo and sapin-sapin).

Illustration & Photography

stickers, watercolor, dog pics, writing, & too many planners

An image of a dog running through a field toward the camera.

My Dog!!

her name is ichika. she adores balls and chicken. she's cute and great!