nadine aurora tabing

speculative fiction writer, designer, & artist

Short Fiction


Strange Horizons (2022)

~7000 words

> I have more important things to keep. And this body has never had enough space. Then, with the words rendering in halting, bitter emphasis: Shall I make a comparison you’d understand? Sensors were never necessary to me, or any of my kind. They’re wisdom teeth, appendices, tailbones. I have no need of any of it, nor of any conversation, or anything except for you to tend to me until my transference.
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A Filipino "nurse" provides caregiving services to robots going obsolete. Her newest client is a war veteran, originally modeled after a singer-actress diva. My first short story publication! 💾💛


Solarpunk Magazine (2022)

250 words

Every childhood summer he returned to a country that felt loose, unfitting: the smothering heat, the sour stews with bone-in meat eaten under a rusted roof, his aunties that gasped, in English, when a butterfly landed on him at the cemetery: Look, your mother is visiting. Read more
Solarpunk, Filipino ghost stories, and diaspora mango feelings.